Iberchem Group


Founded in 1985 by industry executives José Robles, Miguel Roman and Ramón Fernández, Iberchem is a leading company in the fragrance and flavour industry with 25 facilities around the world and a presence in over 120 countries.

In 2000, major financial backing from leading investment funds allowed Iberchem to grow at an impressive rate without sacrificing any of the principles and values on which it was founded. In 2020, Iberchem joined the Croda family to take further its expansion plan and create additional value for its customers.


Presence in over 120 countries.
Over EUR 200 million in revenues.


2 Brands, Same Commitment: Excellence

The Iberchem Group operates its two lines of business – fragrances and flavours – under two separate and distinct companies: Iberchem for fragrances and Scentium for flavours. The focus and the demands of each line of business are indeed different but our passion and our commitment remain the same.


Executive Comitee

Ramón Fernández

José Balibrea
Managing Director

Manuel González
Finance Director

Cristina Castellanos
Chief Operations Officer

Alvin Ho
Managing Director Asia

José Manuel Mateos
Managing Director Flavours


At Iberchem, we believe that complying with the laws and regulations is a pillar to a sustainable growth. Our company has expanded across the world adhering to well defined ethical values and requirements. Their adherence benefits on a daily basis our employees, customers, and business partners by offering them a trustful and positive environment.

Our Code of Conduct describes how to fulfill such goals and how to put them into practice in our daily activities. It also ensures our clear commitment to reject any unlawful behaviours that do not meet our expectations regarding integrity.

Code of Conduct:
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Food Quality and Safety Policy:
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Environmental Policy:
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Actuaciones destinadas al fomento de la eficiencia energética y el uso de energías renovables cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) y la Región de Murcia:
Auditoría energética determinando el potencial de ahorro energético y evaluando las oportunidades de reducción de la cantidad de energía consumida.
Renovación de equipos de iluminación y climatización por equipos con mayor eficiencia energética consiguiendo la reducción de las emisiones de CO2 emitidas a la atmósfera.